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Smart Transit provides services to both private and public organisations. The range of services offered by Smart Transit will be regionally different. In some countries with existing AFC systems, Smart Transit will provide a considerably wider spectrum of services (such as operating, maintenance, and renewal, including turn-key solutions) than in other countries, where the AFC-Market is still emerging.

Smart Transit offers a range of assistance and consulting services which are as comprehensive as possible with regard to the demand of the clients. The term ”comprehensive” refers to two dimensions:

  • Coverage of all stages of a project, from concepts, studies, and proposals via system design and specification to contract and procurement management, system integration, and implementation.
  • Coverage of all levels of consultancy: Top-level (addressing the client’s top management), medium-level (e.g. project supervision), and assistance in system integration or system redesign.

Smart Transit supports public transport companies in various other areas.


  • Business requirements analysis (business goals, business processes, customer needs, basic conditions, project feasibility studies).
  • Requirement specifications (products and services, organisation, integration, technical specification, introduction and migration concepts, any element of AFC design/specification).


  • Target system concept, migration concept, strategy, planning
  • Products, Systems, Organisation

Profitability Examination

  • Costs (systems, interfaces, implementation, operating ...), cost models
  • Revenues (products, tariffs, acceptance, ...), revenue models
  • Profitability models

Commercial Advice

  • Business case evaluation and business case validation.
  • Business model design and evaluation, icluding multi modal busines schemes.
  • Design and optimization of fare schemes and fare policies.
  • Pre-qualification advice, support, and management (purchasers or suppliers).
  • Requests for proposals and tender specification and/or evaluation.
  • Management of requests for proposals or pre-qualifications.
  • Selective procedures and decision-making processes.
  • Development of operating models.
  • Optimization of operational structures.
  • Design of public-private-partnerships.
  • Design of commercial schemes, including all  parties involved in a AFC scheme.

Product and Tariff Design

System Design and Technical Planning

  • System design, specification, and technical advice.
  • Schema design, system architecture, security architecture.
  • System design for Administration, Transaction and Supervision Management.
  • System design for e-ticket, pre paid (stored value) and post paid purposes.
  • Smart card design, card architecture, card security.
  • Front-end design, architecture, specification, upgrading of existing systems.
  • Back-office design, architecture, specification, upgrading of existing systems.
  • Object-oriented Design (UML)

System Integration

  • Interface description and technical integration of different AFC components.
  • Integration within AFC-components or with other industries and applications.
  • Integration of existing hardware and software infrastructure.

Project Management

  • Project management and supervision.
  • Contract management, administration, and support.
  • Test, quality management, communication, and marketing.
  • Ad-hoc advice (e.g. fare structure management, statistics reporting etc.).
  • Tool based (standard tools as well as special tools developed by ourselves).


  • Operating services (operation, optimisation, redesign, further development, controlling).
  • Operational management/maintenance.
  • Maintenance and operating of software systems.



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