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Products and Tariffs

The degrees of freedom in the product design increase by electronic fare products substantially. Already in the context of the "electronic season ticket" the operators have a substantially extended flexibility in relation to the today's products. Characteristics like the validity time frame and the validity periods, weekday-exactly or time-dependently can be defined.

Regarding the customer relationship the today separate customers segments "subscriber" and not personalised users can match together. For example: Why shouldn't be a unknown customer treated like a subscriber (concerning the price and loyalties), if he uses the public transport month be month and behaves exactly the same as the subscriber customer?

In a next step electronic products offer the possibilities of the combination from existing products to "new" products, e.g. weekdays a monthly company pass for a certain distance and on weekend accounting via a transit purse. The tariff variety pursues two goals. One goal is to address so far not attainable customers by "custom-made" products and increase income. Second goal lies in the increase of efficiency in handling of the tariff products.

Both goals are attainable with electronic products and automatic fare collection.



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