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AFC is clearly shaped by the infra structural conditions of the transport operators and the authorities. Finally the objectives and goals, which lead the operators successfully into future, are identically.

  • The effectiveness of the operators has to be improved.
  • The logistic processes have to be optimised.
  • New tariff products have to be introduced.
  • The increase of the productivity of tariff products is pursued.
  • In competitive situations CRM systems have to introduced.

How these or further goals can be achieved by a AFC systems? From the operators goals and the possibilities of smart card-based AFC systems we help the operator to develop a comprehensive strategy.

Our philosophy is to help not only on the technical or implementation level. The customer aspects, the employees in addition to requirements such as economy and income security possess a high value in the selection of the strategy.

There is no standard concept, which one can present. A operator-specific strategy always develops from the symbiosis of the goals and the boundary conditions of the operators as well as the technological possibilities of AFC systems. To work out a strategy effectively means to combine the specific circumstances with our theoretical models and practical experiences.



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