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Our concepts, system design, architecture and specification assist the realisation process. We support all stages, from conception, procurement, bid processes to system integration and implementation. We have completed and standardised these processes several times.

We support you in

  • Conversion of your goals into an system architecture and design.
  • Requests for proposals and tender specification and/or evaluation.
  • Management of requests for proposals or pre-qualifications processes.
  • Selective procedures and decision-making processes.
  • Interoperability. Multi-application and multi-operator scheme specification.
  • Design and implementation of a security architecture.
  • Selection of a smart cards (design, architecture, security...)
  • Front and back office (design, architecture, specification...)
  • Development and integration supervision.
  • Installation and test supervision.
  • Operational support and supervision.

One output of the business models are the requirements, especially the functional and the performance requirements. These needs lead to a system model, which provides the specific solution. The system model contains the design and the architecture, which in a further steps leads to the software and hardware needed to implement the solution. The system model influences the commercial model back.

Our systems models contain use cases, which identify the use cases of the business model, their sequences, the software packages and the data which have to be managed (data model), in total the software architecture of the system model. The whole realisation is typically done using UML.

In addition to our knowledge and our models regarding the necessary business processes of AFC systems we use our deep practical experience to guarantee a rational support.



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