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We have deep experience with the commercial design and business architectures of Smart Card and AFC Systems. To this belong:

  • Business case evaluation and business case validation.
  • Business model design and evaluation, including multi modal business schemes.
  • Design and optimisation of fare schemes and fare policies.
  • Optimisation of operational structures.
  • Design of public-private-partnerships.
  • Design of commercial schemes, including all  parties involved in a AFC scheme.

We have build up general business models which are used to assess investments and operations costs as well as financial risks. Our commercial models produce audit able business cases which can be updated throughout the full ticketing introduction and later life cycle.

Our business models provide essential core elements within frameworks which facilitates to achieve the particular business model, describing interactions between regulatory bodies, authorities, operators and passengers.

Through our deep experience in this area combined with our generic business and system models introduction risks can be minimised.



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