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AFC systems are more than only an extended data processing system and new tariff products. The introduction of these systems has effects on the operator’s organisation and the partner networks, especially in larger transport authority environments or in the framework of different operators type like local operators and train operators for example.

Thus is has be taken into account that for the completion of new logistic processes it is substantial that organisational changes has to be designed and introduced very early. AFC systems are rarely a challenge for only one isolated operator. Within larger network the complexity increases.

The boundary conditions have to be considered, which affect the system architecture. Changed logistic processes have to be managed. These pull themselves from the customer side and the front-end devices through into the back office. Business processes been void, are changed or added. In all cases the organisation is to be prepared. This applies in particular for AFC systems with the introduction of electronic tariffs.

The strength of Smart Transit helps to prepare for these changes. Extensive business process concepts help to assume you the organisational challenges and to find new optimised forms.



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