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Tracking and Tracing (AVL/ITCS)


The on-board computer system determines the vehicle position every second. The vehicle position (stops, pearl cord ...) is show to the driving personal. The vehicle position is transferred continually to the back office system.

At the back office system all actual vehicle positions are indicated clearly to the dispatchers. This can happen on different map standards. Usually we use OpenStreetMap; other standards like Navteq or Google Maps are likewise possible.

If line data with stops are available, these lines and stops can be imported into the back office system. In this case the driver can select the line he wants to drive.

During the drive a pearl-cord with the actual stop is shown and the continuous stop switching operation works automatically. At the same time a line-based view is possible at the back office system. If there are no line data with geographical coordinates available, they can be created easily with our own GIS tools.

The dispatcher can select different vehicles, different lines or other selection criteria. He can have a look to a specific vehicle with its details. The vehicle can be centred and followed automatically. The Geo-Map can be used as well to create or modify the geographic coordinates of stops or other locations like trigger points.


If timetable data are available, they can be imported into the back office system. Then the punctuality of the vehicle can be displayed at the vehicle computer to the driver as well as at the back office system to the dispatcher. Late or early vehicles can be identified easily. The dispatcher can undertake the necessary action if needed.


Additionally our back office system can provide real-time passenger information to stationary displays, to vehicle internal displays or to a Web-application.

Via our back office system the dispatcher can monitor these displays or send additional actual information to these displays at any time.


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