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We offer our customers individual maintenance and support contracts as well as a range of services. A key objective of our company is to retain our customers in the long term through excellent support.

Back Office System Operation

Our Back Office System can be operated in two ways: As in-house solution within the public transport operator’s environment, or as managed service at a web server operated by Smart Transit. All of our customers use the second solution operated by ourselves.

Bug monitoring and analysis

Our systems monitor themselves. If internal system components, the system environment with its interfaces or the application assume unusual states or have bugs, these are reported to the management system, stored there and, depending on the configuration, send to the system administrators via email. The management system also monitors itself and also reports unusual conditions to the administrators. The system administration can be done by our customers or by us. The individual task distribution is determined according to the special needs of our customers.

Bug correction

Troubleshooting can be done remotely over the phone or online, preferably within one business day. Our systems can be maintained online via the data interface to the management system, be re-configured online or supplied with updated software. That most unusual states can be remedied remotely.

Email, telephone, chat and video support

We usually offer support via email or our telephone hotline number on weekdays between 8am and 6pm. In special cases and exceptional situations we are of course available around the clock.

Integrated Video-Conference-/Chat-Tool

Within our back office is integrated a video conference and chat tool, which can be used for support or training purposees.

Further services

  • Design, specification and specification
  • Network design and analysis
  • Installation and wiring (together with partners)
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Supportdatabase (online)
  • Operation of the management system
  • Management system as a client system
  • Different warranty models
  • Software services
    • Changes, additions and extensions for device software such as management system
    • Legacy Data Transfer
    • Backups
  • Hardware Services
    • Device maintenance
    • Device repair -> Repair Coupon (Download) <-
    • Spare part guarantee


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