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Account Based Ticketing (ABT) / ID-Based Ticketing (IDBT)

The passenger logs in the system once via an app (Android, IOS) or the web application and gives his payment data (debit, credit card, etc.). In the case of reduced tariffs (students, seniors etc.) the registration takes place in co-operation with a transport company, which examines this reduced tariff permission.

The passenger uses the desired means of transport by identifying himself via a bar code within the smartphone app or a smart card (for example a transport company smart card or any other possible smart card stored in the system). There are fixed price products (season tickets) or individual travel bills (check-in, check-out) possible, depending on what the transport company offers to the passenger.

The billing of the services of transport company is usually done subsequently once a month, depending on what has been agreed with the transport company.


Advantages from the point of view of the transport company

Our system is an extension or addition of an existing system such as existing automatic fare collection systems with validators for example.

The passenger carries out a clear, secured action by identifying himself via a non-forgery, secure barcode or an smart card.

Because the billing is done exclusively in the back office system, any tariff options (flat = monthly pass, individual billing, performance-based, kilometer-based, "best price", etc.) are easily possible, even for passengers with discounts (students, seniors ...).

Our overall system is extremely simple, safe, efficient and economical. It may use existing infrastructures such as validator systems or portable inspection devices. The system is already in use.





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