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Real-time Passenger Information (RTPI)

The vehicle computer interfaces to on-board displays, both inside and outside. The displays can show lines, desitinations and also real-time passenger information.

For this we usually use the IBIS-system, according to VDV300, IBIS-over-IP or a proprietary public transport operator specific protocol.

Furthermore we interface via our back office system to stationary real-time passenger systems. Usually we use the standards VDV 453 and VDV 454 or proprietary protocols.

The most important information for the passenger is the predicted departure time of a vehicle.

In our management system, the (planned) target data is usually compared with the actual timetable (actual data) on an ongoing basis and the predicted departure times at the specific stops are calculated from this.

However, we also have a system in operation that works without scheduling data or target data. From statistical values from the past and the real-time vehicle movement, we calculate the predicted departure time at the respective stop for all vehicles of all lines.

In addition, our back office system allows the transmission of general operational information to the passenger displays or even to passenger information on the Internet, for example in the case of short-term disturbances.


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