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Ticket Office / Ticket Sales and Issuing


Our ticket office sales and issuing system offers the following features:

Ticket Sales and Issuing

    Different tariff models possible
    Relation-based, line-based, zone-based, flat fares
    Single tickets, passes, subscriber tickets
    Issuing of passes based on paper or smart cards
    Extension of passes
    Ticket / smart card personalization

Ticket Media

    Paper tickets
    Smart card tickets
    Barcode tickets

Shift Accounting

Data Communication

    On demand, event based, time scheduled, wake-up-on LAN/GPRS or permanent

Various Interfaces

    To the back office via LAN, WLAN, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HDSPA, LTE or 5G.

Printer Options

    Paper jam detection, barcode ticket follow up and others

Smart Card Reader / Barcode Imager

    ISO 14443 Typ A und B option ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, ICODE
    with SAM slots ISO-001 for different national standards



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