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History, developments, references

First hosting solutions for transport companies based on a web server

First portable sales systems (handhelds)

First ticket inspection application based on the VDV-KA standard in the market

Introduction of portable control devices (handhelds) for ticket control and fare dodger registration
Introduction of a web server-based CRM system

Introduction of first stationary sales systems

Use of a first combined management system (ticket sales system, handhelds, validators)
Transition of essential front-end device software to Linux operating system

Introduction of the first entry control system (validators)
Introduction of a new handheld generation
Introduction of an integrated sales information system

Introduction of further entry control system (validators)
Extension of an entry control system by real-time GPS position data
First introduction of IBIS over IP

Extension of handheld applications (multifunctional service device)
Introduction of new bar code generations for validators, handhelds and vehicle computers
Extension of the entry control application by security functions (emergency call)

VDV-KA-KOSE realization including interface to the VDV-KA-ION
By mid-2012, about 1,500 devices are in operation at our customers
First realization of an ITCS on a handheld

Introduction of a new vehicle computer generation with ticket sales and ticket inspection
First introduction of an ITCS application on a vehicle computer
Implementation of a multi-application solution including internationalization (multi-language capability)

Realization and introduction of the connection of a data radio interface
Realization and introduction of vehicle announcements
Completion and implementation of a full-scale ITCS system

Delivery of vehicle computers with ticket sales, smart card ticlet validation and ITCS
Introduction of the vehicle parameter database for third-party systems
Introduction of the depot management system and the workshop reservation

Introduction of a new sales system generation
First RTPI implementation and introduction (stationary passenger information)
Introduction of the interface to cash deposit devices

Introduction of a new validator device generation
Introduction of a new handheld device generation
Introduction of a new vehicle computer generation

First delivery of the new driver terminal generation
First delivery of the new validator generation
First delivery of the new handheld device generation
Introduction of the smaller “Slimline” validator generation

EMV3000, MV3000 & ABT3000; EMVco Lev 1; EMVco Lev 2 (MC & VISA & Amex); PCI-PTS POI; Apple Pay™ & Google Pay™, EMV Girocard

Combination of operator-specific closed-loop smart card media, barcode tickets plus EMVco payment; Projects for tourist cards / guest cards

Introduction of a new handheld device generation

Online-Ticket Check via Smartphones with NFC functionality
EMVco OEM solution with ECR/ZVT-interface
Delivery of MV3000 terminals for the processing of smart cards and ultralight tickets including barcode imager and EMVco payment function


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