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Christian Dietz holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Munich Technical University and a German Master of Business Administration from RWTH Aachen Technical University.

Since 1989 he is shareholder and managing director of Smart Transit and has intensively worked in the smart card and public transport business since 1990.

He gave entrepreneurial support to several companies among manufacturers of smart card based systems, especially AFC-systems and was involved into many smart card, automatic fare collection (AFC) and telematics projects in different countries.

Roger Zoch holds a Diploma in Software Engineering from Bochum University and a Diploma in Information Technology from Munich Technical University.

He disposes of over 35 years experience in database and system design, customer care and billing systems, integrated broadcasting scheduling, archiving systems and transportation applications.

Since 1990 he has experiences with tool-based software development tools and since 25 years he is working in the smart card, public transport, automatic fare collection (AFC) and telematics business as consulting engineer.